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High End Living

High end living is all about scale. Our objective was to find pieces that made a statement without having to add too much to make it beautiful. Beauty is in the simplicity of it all.

This home is the perfect modern home for high-end living in Los Angeles.  It is said that MJ lived in this Los Angeles home.
Interior Design and Staging by Maison Home Staging and Design. Location: Encino, Southern California

Luxury Living is all about scale.

Our team at Maison Home Designs have a passion for our Interior Design work. Our clients trust us to give them a great design that everyone can come to enjoy for any event. Scale can be a huge issue when you are trying to design a home that is oversized and fit for an entertainer! This angled sofa was the perfect fit for this home we designed. At 12 and a half feet long it also had the perfect angle to match the ceiling lines above. With its deep seating, any party goer would agree that they could lounge in this spectacular setting and have a great time. Our use of chromes and smoky metals really give the home a sense of luxury and glamour that every home needs.

Simplicity was also a key element in this home. We really wanted to make this home more modern and we decided to use marble slabs without the the traditional mantels seen in many homes. We wanted this home to feel edgy , unique, simplistic yet exceptional and elegant. This home was the entertainers dream and we definitely hit the mark on this one. Our clients were ecstatic when they saw this home come together.

We are LA's most trusted Interior Design and Home Staging Company and we want to keep it that way. Give us a call to have our Interior Designers and Home Stagers, Design or Stage your high-end luxury home.

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