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Hello? Did you say YELLOW!

In today's interior design world there is so much reference to grays, creams, and neutrals. At Maison Home Designs, we love a neutral palette but we love to throw in a pop of color to make life exciting! We spend so much time trying to match the right neutral tones but its always important to give that splash of color to every home to get that blood in your veins pumping.

Here is a look at a recent project we've worked on and we have to say that we are addicted to yellow! Yellow is such a happy color and it reminds us of happy faces, emojis, lemons which have a great kick and don't forget yellow is the color of sunshine! Home Staging and Interior Design is all about capturing that emotion and excitement in a home and that is exactly what colors do. This home in Burbank, sunny Southern California has a modern edge with vaulted ceilings and great natural light. Our homes are always eclectic and we feel it is so important to bring out personality in any home. Mixing and matching all of the things you love is the right way to design.

Have you ever been into a boring furniture store where the the design just looks like a "one thought" decision? We've been there and today's modern and contemporary design is all about bringing out your inner soul. It doesn't always have to match, be different, make your home unique and express yourself. If you just can't get your mind around design and just don't know the right steps we can always help.

Give Maison Home Staging and Design a call and we can definitely make your Interior Design and Home Staging needs an easy transition from "blah" to "KA-BAM!"

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