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Benefits of Staging

Sparking Emotions

Buyers in todays market are very visual and have the mindset when house hunting of "when I see, I will know it".  Our goal when coordinating a design is to make sure we incorporate unique products that intrigue potential buyers.  It could be a tasteful work of art, a comfortable looking sofa, or even a shiny vase.  When buyers can relate and love something in the home whether it be a small vase or the tile in the bath, they are more  inclined to have an emotional connection and to make an offer.

Home Staging

Having trouble selling your home?  It is very common for many homes to sit on the market for months or even years due to lack of presentation.  Allow me to come and restore the true beauty of the home, intrigue buyers and get it SOLD!


Seasonal Transformations

The seasons are quickly changing and it can be tough to adapt.  Allow me to transform your home for you.  


It feels like Home.

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